Stone painting exposition of a folk artist Stanislovas Petraska


A. Vienuolio Str. 2, LT-29147 Anyksciai.

569301, 6155265 (LKS), 55.527441, 25.097607 (WGS), 55° 31′ 38.79″, 25° 5′ 51.39″ (WGS).

Phones: +370 381 58015.


Open: daily 10.00–18.00 (July–September), 8.00–17.00 (October–June).


Stanislovas Petraska (1935–2009), a former serviceman, later he worked in the electrical system, a volunteer of the Lithuanian army. He is a folk artist, the author of original painting with the unique techniques. It was difficult to name it at first, but later it was called stone painting by specialists.

S.Petraska grinds stones with the pestle, then he sifts and pastes grains of stone. He works very slowly and patiently. It takes him about 3-6 months to make one painting. The colors are natural, as the painter doesn’t use any paint.

Stanislovas Petraska has been working for 20 years. His personal exhibitions were hold in Madona (Latvia), Vilnius, Kaunas, Utena, Ukmerge, Rokiskis, Zarasai, Pasvalys etc. The themes of his paintings are different. You can see the sights of Anyksciai, the river Sventoji, writers A. Vienuolis, J. Biliunas native places, Puntukas, Anyksciai pinewood etc.

© A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis-Zukauskas memorial museum, 2015

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