Memorial homestead-museum of a writer Jonas Biliunas


K. Trajecko Str. 5, Niuronys village, LT-29175 Anyksciai district.

568980, 6160088 (LKS), 55.570799, 25.093725 (WGS), 55° 34′ 14.88″, 25° 5′ 37.41″ (WGS).

Phone: +370 381 51722, +370 616 46225.


Open: 10.00–18.00 (May–October), Tuesday–Saturday 9.00–17.00 (November–April).


The old farmstead of the Biliunai family was built before Jonas Biliunas’ (1879–1907) birth. A two-end farmhouse, which is left there reminds about the writer’s babyhood and childhood. There is a small exposition in the former “stancija” (dining room) with various memorial items – the modest furniture and household utensils: an old table, a bed, a dresser from the serfdom times, long benches along the walls, a towel-hanger with a linen towel, a dowry chest, a wardrobe, a spring of the cradle, a spinning wheel, and a little table with a knitted tablecloth on it.

Another room contains photographs from J.Biliunas’ life and the photocopies of his manuscripts. Celebrating the 110th anniversary of J.Biliunas’ birth in 1989 the cross was rebuilt in the farmstead.

On your way to J.Biliunas birthplace you have to cross a few streamlets: the Anyksta, the Piestupys, the Elma, the Varius and a nameless one. The hill with birches near the house, called the Birch Hill, was the writer’s favourite place, which he used to visit during his holiday.

© A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis-Zukauskas memorial museum, 2015

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