The memorial museum of a poet, playwriter, children‘s writer Brone Buivydaite


Vilniaus Str. 21, 29145 Anyksciai

569505, 6154819 (LKS), 55.523384, 25.100516 (WGS), 55° 31′ 24.24″, 25° 6′ 2.66″ (WGS).

Phone +370 620 39379.


Open: Friday–Sunday 9.00–17.00 .


The writer Brone Buivydaite (1895–1984) grew up and lived till her death in the house not far from the church, near the center of Anyksciai. The old part of the house is authentic. Here you can see the desk, where the books about childhood were written. They are “Through the Childhood Window” and “Misery Lifts the Gates”. A prewar typewriter is next to the desk. There is a photograph on the desk. Jone and Dalia were the writer’s nieces and they painted the pictures, which are hanging on the walls now.

In old age the writer used to listen to the radio. While listening to a song from Johannesburg, she was thinking about her father Steponas Buivydas, a tailor, who left for Africa and didn’t come back. The writer’s mother Karolina Buivydiene was famous for making blankets. There is her sewing machine at the Museum.

The exposition about the writer’s life and creation is opened in a small room. The children’s book-shop “Auksinis batelis” is there too.

© A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis-Zukauskas memorial museum, 2015

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